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The future growth prospects of today’s early-stage (that is

lower-income-some growing and others not) developing countries will be of huge importance in red ucing poverty further. Although these countries face significant headwinds, they could also seize imp ortant new growth opportunities-especially with the help of digital platforms. The headwinds are certainly considerable. For starters, advances in digital technolo gies-robotics, machine learning, sensors, and vision-directly […]

Ministry: No winners in China-US trade wartrade war, and C

There is no winner in a trade war, and China hopes to solve the issue through dialogue rather than unilateral mea sures, said Gao Feng, Commerce Ministry spokesperson at a news conference on Thursday. The two countries should meet each other halfway and resolve problems through cooperation and discussion, Gao said. Qin Guangrong, former Party […]

More nurses sought to treat elderly population

Health authorities will redouble their efforts to train nurses in eldercare as the proportion of older people in the popula tion expands and tens of millions of people struggle with disabilities, a senior health official said on Wednesday. Jiao Yahui, deputy chief of medical administration and supervision at the Nation al Health Commission, said there […]

hina to add fentanyl to controlled narcotics listnyl-relat

hina will add Fentanyl-related substances into the supplementary l ist of controlled narcotics with non-medical use starting May 1, government agencies said on Monday. Fentanyl-related substances are defined as substances that have similar c hemical structures to Fentanyl, according to a joint announcement made by the Minis ry of Public Security, the National Health Commission […]