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emphasized that the company was committed to con

ontinuously working with customers as well as industry and governme nt stakeholders to ensure its technology adheres to all of their requirements. The US Department of Homeland Security issued an alert warning on Monday that Chinese-made drones may be se nding sensitive flight data back to their manufacturers in China, where it can be accessed […]

need to promote exchanges among civilizations and

 dialogues based on harmony in diversity and inclusiveness. We need to undertake the cultural responsibility of inter national communicators, and let exchanges of culture and among civilizations, as well as mutual learning, co nstantly serve as bridges for people’s friendship, the impetus of international cooperation and bond of world peace. Second, we should become builders […]

It’s more than just dance: both consider the ball a

 window to Viennese social traditions, classical music, and Austrian culture. While recommending three must-see Austrian cities for first-time visitors, ambass ador Stift gave a surprising answer. While well-known cities like capital Vienna with its iconic concert hall, Mus ikverein, and Salzburg , once home to Mozart, both make the cut, that doesn’t tell the full […]