Month: April 2019

investment in environment-friendly urban mas

 transit. According to NBS preliminary estimates, the share of consumption of clean energy such as natural gas, hydropo wer, nuclear power and wind power in total energy consumption in the first quarter was 1.5 percentage points hi gher than that of the same period last year. Energy consumption per unit of GDP went down by […]

Before the drug was available on the Chinese mai

nland, there was little effective therapy for the disease, and patients depended mainly on treat ment such as respiratory and nutrition supports, said Xiong Hui, Beijing Medical Association rare disease c ommittee member and Peking University First Hospital deputy director of pediatrics. Spinraza debuted on the Chinese mainland having been fast-tracked through the marke t […]

Liu also announced that a multilateral development

financing cooperation center has recently been established — jointly with eight multilateral develo pment institutions including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Asian Infrastructure In vestment Bank — to prepare for “high-quality” projects and promote international standards for BRI financing. Chinese financial institutions have provided more than $440 billion for BRI infrastructure projects. Renminbi-denom […]

The Belt and Road Initiative, which originated in C

 China but belongs to the world, has become an open and inclusive platform for international cooperation and a well-recog nized global public good thanks to the concerted efforts of the parties involved, Xi said. Calling think tanks significant forces for Belt and Road constructi on, the president said developing think tank exchanges and cooperation helps […]

In August 2018, the Australian government banned

Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE from providin g 5G technology and products, as well as the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment in dom estic broadband networks. Behind this decision is vague “national security”. For example, the West has repeat edly accused China of its “Intelligence Law”, especially the particular Article 7 of the […]