Month: March 2019

The Belt and Road Initiative is set to promote cooper

globally — not for China only, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank President Jin Liqun said on Wednesday. Jin made the remarks in response to questions over whether the BRI only involves C hinese projects prior to the Boao Forum for Asia, which will officially begin on Thursday. “It was a misunderstanding,” Jin said, adding any country […]

We support the BRI globally because it’s a big project wi

ith so many applications in different parts of industry and the economy, and we want agreements, project by project.” Raffarin was appointed special envoy on China affairs by French President Emmanuel Mac ron. He pointed out that it is not pragmatic to have an agreement about every industrial sector, because, as sovereig n states, both […]

France pays high attention to the Belt and Road Initiative

regards China as an important strategic cooperation partner, and appreciates China’s im portant role in and contribution to climate change and other international affairs, Macron said. The French president pledged to further strengthen strategic communication and collaboration with China, and bring into full play the leading role of the France-China comprehensive strategic part nership, so […]